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01744 676789 (8:00am to 6:00pm weekdays, 10am to 2pm Saturdays) St Helens Council Tax Healing

You do not need to attend the Court hearing, please call us to review your account as well as agree a layaway plan to clear your exceptional Council Tax. Please be aware, although your presence is not needed at the hearing, the council will seek to obtain a responsibility order at the hearing to allow us to take further recuperation activity if essential at a later day and also the full Court prices of ₤ 115 will certainly be payable.

If you miss a repayment or pay late, we will certainly send you a pointer providing you seven days to pay. If you do not pay, or on a regular basis pay late, you will certainly get a court summons and also will lose your right to pay in instalments. You will certainly have to pay any type of prices we incur recovering what you owe; we will, nonetheless, allow you a final chance to propose settlement of the debt using our Council Tax Plan kind. Failure to concur settlement terms might cause your account being sent out to our enforcement agents, where situation further expenses will be incurred. Alternatively, we could ask for reductions straight from your salary or advantage repayments.

The Ministry of Justice have actually changed the way debts are carried out by Enforcement Representatives. In the main these connect to management as well as collection of financial obligation by Enforcement Agents. These modifications came to be efficient from 6 April 2014. The laws put on many kinds of financial obligation referred by the council to an Enforcement Agent for collection. This includes Council Tax obligation, Company Fees and also penalty charge notices.

If your account is brought up to day within the 7 days you could proceed with your monthly instalments. The Council is only needed to send an optimum of 2 pointers in any kind of fiscal year after which, you will immediately shed your right to instalments and also be sent out a last notice for the full year's balance.

If you have actually received a suggestion notification, you need to bring your account approximately day within 7 days, if payment is not received as requested on the suggestion notification, recuperation action may proceed as well as a summons released. If you are not able to pay the quantity requested on a pointer notification, please call us immediately.

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If payment is not gotten or an appropriate plan concurred following the concern of a pointer or last notification, the council will use to Haringey Magistrates' Court to provide a summons for non-payment of Council Tax. If a summons is released to you, you will certainly be responsible for costs which will certainly be contributed to index your council tax obligation account.

If you owe Council Tax of ₤ 1,000 or even more as well as have a residential or commercial property, the council may put on the County Court for a billing order. As soon as the order is granted the council will have the ability to implement the sale of the residential property in order to clear the Council Tax owed.

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If you receive a notice of responsibility order please contact us to go over settlement, do not ignore the notification. Failure to call us will lead to the council taking among the complying with methods of recovery to gather the impressive Council Tax obligation:

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An resource order may be sent to your employer to make deductions straight from your wages to pay your Council Tax. The amount deducted is a portion of your everyday/ once a week/ monthly salaries and varies depending on the quantity you gain. The percents are set by Central Government and are specificed in the Deductions to be made under add-on of making tables (PDF, 12KB). Additional information is available within the Add-on of Profits guide for companies (PDF, 55KB)

If your instalment is not paid by the due day a tip will certainly be issued for the outstanding instalment. If this is not paid within 7 days you will certainly lose your right to pay by instalment and also a court summons will be released for the complete year's equilibrium.

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If a responsibility over here order is obtained at Haringey Magistrates' Court, a letter will be sent to you to confirm. The notification of obligation order additionally advises of the healing action that could be required to recovery the outstanding Council Tax.

Council Tax Recovery

To make an application for other kind of discount rate or exemption please complete the Council Tax obligation exception or discount form. You ought to finish the discount rate or exemption cancellation form if your scenarios transform.

If your Council Tax continues to be superior after Enforcement Agents have actually aimed to recoup the debt, the council may relate to the Magistrates' Court for a warrant devoting you to jail. If the Court establishes the arrearage results from wilful rejection or responsible disregard, they may commit you to prison for a maximum of three months. The Court could decide to postpone the duration of jail time on particular conditions, usually associating to repayment of the financial obligation over an amount of time.

The council will just release two reminder notices to you during one fiscal year. If you are late paying for a 3rd time in a year, you will certainly be released with a last notification which will terminate your month-to-month instalments.

If your conditions do not satisfy any of the above legitimate supports, there is no have to participate in Court. If you do go to Court, you will certainly be asked which defence you are making use of as well as you must satisfy the Magistrates that the support applies in your instance. If you can not identify a protection, the Court will issue a responsibility order against you without more discussion.

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If you get a last notice, your instalments are cancelled and the complete equilibrium staying on the account to the end of the monetary year becomes due within 7 days. If you are unable to make complete settlement as requested, please contact us immediately.

Confined with the letter is a Monetary Declaration (PDF, 21KB) which you are needed to complete as well as return to the address below. Once the completed kind is returned the healing team can examine your earnings as well as outgoings and make a setup with you to remove your council tax based upon your personal circumstances.

If you are in receipt of Earnings Support, Task Seeker's Allocation, Work and Support Allocation or Pension Credit score, an Attachment of Benefit Order might be issued to the Division for Job as well as Pensions requesting they make deductions to remove your Council Tax obligation equilibrium.

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When your account has been passed to an Enforcement Agent, you will sustain additional prices. You will certainly after that need to contact the Enforcement Representative directly to set up a payment plan to stay clear of the agent seeing your residential or commercial property with the intention of eliminating your belongings up for sale at auction to remove your outstanding Council Tax.

When you have obtained a final notice if you do not pay the total or call us making an arrangement for payment, you will be released with a Court Summons and also you will have to pay extra court costs. Remember, you can still make an arrangement for repayment once a Summons has been provided. If you receive a Summons and also do not pay completely on trial Listening to an application for a Responsibility Order will be made to the Magistrates Court for the staying balance. As soon as an Obligation Order has been given the Council has the complying with powers of recouping the debt, we can:

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If you are having problems satisfying your regular monthly instalments, it is essential to contact us asap. Do not neglect the debt, as the earlier you contact us, the more aid and recommendations we will have the ability to offer. We will certainly be able to assess your account as well as inspect whether you are qualified to any type of decreases based on your scenarios.