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Telephone. You can pay your bill by credit or debit card 24 hours a day by phoning the automated bill payment hotline 01942 489006. Have your card and Council Tax account reference number ready when you call. Payments cannot be made with American Express cards.

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Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Important Wigan Council 01942 489006 Contact Numbers:

Helpline UK Contact Numbers International Contact Numbers
Council Tax 0844 448 6330 +44844 448 6330
Customer service 01942 489006
Complaints  0844 448 6330 +44844 448 6330

phone number wigan council 01942 489006

Address: Town Hall, Library St, Wigan WN1 1YN

Phone:01942 489006


Open today · 9am–5pm

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Wigan Council has run up the second most significant local authority cell phone bill inside the county over the last three many years.

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due to the fact 2010, the council has saved more than £100m by means of transformation and producing complicated conclusions, rather than cutting expert services.

{considering that 2010, the council has saved in excess of £100m by transformation and making hard decisions, as an alternative to cutting expert services.|View guidance about how to help make represent


 01942 489006


Contact us 01942 489006

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Some individuals have been reported to get in The Marble as well as never leave. The goffs simply take them. In December 2007 the RSPCA made an appeal to rescue these poor hearts, but this stopped working due to that no person cares.

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Showing is one of one of the most efficient, efficient and also effective advertising activities available to you and also at the Wigan Business Exposition you will have an assigned seminar space to reveal and also offer your product

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The largest songs export from Wigan is the teen doomster sproggit makeathons Samuel Sharp, who play songs as well as placed nights on in Wigan where nobody shows up (not also the band themselves) due to the fact that they're all seeing the ice hockey.

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Wigan is regulated by the Mint Ball Party, which a specific known only as Uncle Joe has actually been the leader considering that its foundation. The event entered power in 2001 when they were chosen to the Supreme Soviet ahead of the Free Pies for all celebration. There has, nevertheless, been some dispute in current times, with claims that the team rewarded potential citizens with containers of Mint Balls in order to obtain into power. Although this has been rigorously refuted by all members of the Mint Sphere Event, sticky substances discovered on ballot slips and also the inexplicable minty fragrance which they lug has been associated to this by numerous doubters.

The Marble has, on various celebrations, been struck by various different social groups. A group of old people from a church tried to free the "Evil" spirits (also referred to as metalheads), this fell short as the "goffs" either death-growled or remained on the wall surface as well as looked fairly amused at the old people. The Marble is still continuously under siege by an international force known only as "Euro-market." This damaging event occurs every month, and also brings thousands of French people into the location where they attempt to offer all kind of unusual cheeses. The "Goffs" quickly combat this pressure, with the smell of the "circle pit" or the odor of bleeding scene youngsters.

In an investigation by the BBC and other various reporters, Wigan was honoured when it was located to be represented by a few of one of the most corrupt politicians in all the UK. The report likewise disclosed Wigan politicians to have the highest possible costs, for the most frivolous of factors. Contradictory to Wigan's existing, undemocratically elected, female MP of Eastern descent, one of Wigan's proudest political candidates and EU representatives is backed by the BNP party.

Wigan Organisation Expo 2017

Wigan Pier, a hostel on the Leeds and Liverpool waste-canal, was made popular by the writer George Orwell. In his gothic-horror book, The Roadway to Wigan Pier, Orwell highlighted the inadequate working as well as living problems of the neighborhood citizens throughout the 1930s. Promptly after composing it, he left as well as pledged never to return.

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Victoria Gregson, from CRE8 Advertising and marketing & Creative Company, Leigh said: "As a local business, it is very important to us that we sustain events close by and the Exposition was a fantastic opportunity to meet brand-new individuals, network as well as advertise our advertising and also innovative services."

Currently in its eighth year the Exposition will be again hosted in Robin Park Sports and Tennis Centre. Exhibitors make use of the yearly event to display their products and services to gain new consumers and also network with other organisations. Below is an example of endorsements from neighborhood services on why they participate in the Exposition ...

Given that the decrease of commercial tasks in the area, Wigan Pier's collection of storage facilities and jetties ended up being a neighborhood heritage centre and social quarter. In an advertising scheme to mislead tourists right into going to, the Wigan Council swimming pools every one of its financial sources in the DW Arena. It acts as the house to both Wigan Warriors Rugby League Football Club as well as Wigan Athletic Football Club, groups both in the top-flight nationwide leagues of their sport. The 25,000-seat DW Arena is rated as one of the finest rugby league arenas in the country. Inversely, the community of Wigan as a whole is taken into consideration to be one of the worst areas in the nation as well as this is probably why the DW Arena had not been constructed in Wigan.

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The GA security personnel' worst opponent are, as a matter of fact, the security personnel from "Marketgate" and also "The Galleries" as they wear a much premium eco-friendly uniform, as well as routinely check out Amsterdam as well as bring back great deals of "WEED" as well as sell to scenekids at an alarmingly high rate of 20p/45 cents for 10oz.

The evil "Goffs" also make a trip to the holy land recognized as "Caff" on a Thursday evening where they take pleasure in a light spot of golf. Thursday night "Caff" has currently become the de facto Capital for these "Goffs" and they enjoy going to see their messiah "John Fishwick" the "Caff" barman every Thursday night. They all mosh out in the pit of death, with king Khokhar When they are not drinking their heads strongly to instead loud and frustrating music, or looking at you and hurling abuse at The Marble, they are normally practising their mating routines on the field called "Wigan Mesnes (pronounced 'mains' because we draw) Park". Below the males mate with their women equivalent. As they reclaim there energy by drinking several litres of the least expensive cider which can be purchased from the local "never maturing goff" they cool off with a spot of anal sex with their secret boyfriend.

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As a result of Wigan's structure being influenced by the export of criminals to Australia (as will certainly additionally be the fate of New York in the future), it continues to be host to a peculiar set of socially backwards, intolerant, ignorant, ignorant, oafish working class people. The simple-mindedness of the ordinary white man Wiganer could be thought about impressive to a researcher, if they ever before attempted to get in the hazardous pie-eating city.

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There are couple of locations in Wigan to go, but, the actual Homosexual Head office of deep space remains in Wigan, It is also referred to as the "Grand gallery" (the GA). It reveals its homosexuality by utilizing its main colours as pink and white, as well as the logo design includes a heart in the "A". inside you will certainly see numerous shops; HMV, Topshop, JJB and Waterstones book shop - HMV being the only worthwhile to enter. It additionally has its very own, Indian-run, corner store (although it isn't located behind-the-scenes, and the person running it is in reality from Manchester). You can quickly tell that individuals that operate in the GA are, as they're are bald and somewhat fat as well as old, put on a black fit, with an unmistakably homoerotic pink connection. The safety and security of the GA feed on the nude anuses of scenekids that are always shop lifting from HIV/HMV or Topshop/Topman, or those that dare wish to make use of the public commodes - in Wigan, making use of the general public bathrooms in the GA is punishable by fatality.

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While Wigan has yet to establish its own proper economic situation, a comparable system that tries to make up has actually been made use of. The primary money of Wigan would unarguably be "the Pie" with "Meat", "Steak as well as Kidney" as well as "Canine" flavour the most used. In current years, Wigan's bartering system has actually been trying out with various other types of currency; specifically "Shiny Round Queen's Souvenirs" (see Extra pound Coins). While preserving a pattern of contributing absolutely nothing meaningful to culture, Wigan's exports are limited to Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, which aren't half as wonderful as they utilized to be council phone number.

Wigan's most renowned citizen is George Formby, who is presently employed at a neighborhood supermarket operating the cardboard squashing machine but was as soon as one of the most highly paid entertainer on the planet (he gained ₤ 16/10/6 a week). George appeared in many funny movies in the 1930s (including Silence of the Lambs), however a lot of his work was playing the banjolele (a crossbreed tool developed via genetic meddling in the 1910s) and also singing comedic songs such as the ever preferred When I'm Cleaning Windows. George's imperious spouse, Beryl, died in 1960 however still annoys him to repair the leaky radiator in the spare bed room.