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Birmingham City Council Address: Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BB Phone: 0121 303 1111 Web: www.birmingham.gov.uk Email: contact@birmingham.gov.uk Birmingham Council Tax obligation Enquiries

"This is not a campaign that intends to afend, deffermate any 1 individual yet a project that requires the removal of negative practice as well as those that support it from the management of Birmingham Common council's Social Communication As well as Community Safety Introduction As well as Examination Committee." "Our objections are entirely constructive testamony to that media agencies are cuing as much as speak with us ordinary Brummies about our sights." Quote from one of the founders of this campaign #mybrum

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The troubles that happened in Birmingham and in several various other towns and also cities throughout the UK last year wased initially and primary blaitant acts of crime however the underlying elements of cronic degrees of youth unemployment, kid hardship, incredibly high degrees of ward to ward starvation in our city can not be neglected. If they are ignored as they plainly have actually been by Councillor Waseem Zaffar and also his committee after that this significantly raises the risk of the riots taking place aga ... in a possibility Birmingham never ever intends to deal with. Please get more of your get in touches with to like this web page if they, like us, do not intend to see a repeat of the troubles we saw last August. The even more likes we get, the even more stress we could install on Birmingham Common council's Social Communication And also Area Security Review And Examination Committee to consider the genuine issues we encounter as well as not superfitial satisfaction #mybrum

Do you want a Birmingham in which your elected councillors hear you and also use your views in developing enquiries, making decisions as well as scrutinising the activities of regional governmental divisions? Do you desire elected council board index chairs accountable to you for their actions? Program individuals like Councillor Waseem Zaffar that you individuals of Brum are a force to be considered and also you demand better! Please proceed liking this page, mentioning how negative this query gets on Twitter using the hashtag #mybrum and also please do not kindly neglect to send out those very important emails. Please describe the information section of this page for more details #mybrum #wedeservebetter

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We quickly need people to send e-mails whining regarding the enquiry to waseem.zaffar@birmingham.gov.uk albert.bore@birmingham.gov.uk and newsdesk@birminghammail.net. Please note you need to include all these email addresses in every e-mail of issue you send! Thank you!

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"Are there any kind of residents or community involvement organisations offering proof? Councillors, west midlands authorities and b birmingham useful source really don't have the appropriate reflection of areas." This is just 1 example of the kinds of legit worries originating from Brummies on Councillor Zaffar's very own Facebook web page concerning this sham of a query. Although, Councillor Waseem Zaffar suggests that over fourty so called neighborhood protestors have been sought advice from, we ask, that the heck are they? I. f you have talked with so called lobbyists in locations like King Standing for instance, why hasn't white allienation been identified as 1 of the regional troubles? That possibly since Councillor Waseem Zaffar does not appreciate our issues yet his very own self attention, superfitial satisfaction and also an additional few thousand on his sallary to pay for his Buzz's fuel. What an absolute shame! In the sight of a local influential program reporter, when participants of your very own board want nothing to do with this query it talks loud and also really stressing volumes for Councillor Zaffar and asks the concern of just how autonomous his activities were when choosing what queries to go after? Keep taste this page, emailing, tweating your problems as well as maintaining the pressure on! This page has 3 times more suches as than Councillor Zaffar has actually had fans of his sham of a query #mybrum

This enquiry maybe in it's final phases yet we will certainly not allow the council's Social Communication As well as Area Safety Summary And Scrutiny Board obtain away with the massive quantity of loan as well as policeman time that has been shamefully thrown away in our name as well as in our so called passion. Today's record commissioned by the Institute For Social Plan stresses again just how much kid poverty has actually significantly increased in our city over the previous 2 years. Does Councillor Waseem Zaffar c. are regarding the effects this is having on social communication in the city? Is his board spending time and cash into investigating exactly what the council can do to secure the safety and security of the area from crime that is most likely to enhance in light of climbing levels of deprival amongst all people especially young people and kids? The solution is no!!! We regard this as not only utterly undesirable but in straight infraction of the board's linked portfolio and we are determined to proceed utilizing social media, information papers, radio stations, TV programs and also all various other methods to elevate understanding of this shambolic behaviour #mybrum

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We would certainly like to comfortably welcome and say thanks to many Birmingham City Councillors as well as Members Of Parliament for supporting our project. Political leaders of all political persuasions and also area protestors have actually joined hands to condemn this enquiry and also show our enormous rage against this sham of a public appointment #mybrum

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As feed back sessions are totally underway, Councillor Waseem Zaffar can not overlook the rage that is expanding in the hearts of regular Brummies. In simply a couple of days time, we will certainly get information that will expose just what does it cost? of our difficult made money and also useful council officer time has been flushed down the toilet of Councillor Zaffar's superfitial pride all in the name of Birmingham and also social cohesion. Our thanks to our buddies at the Sunday Mercury newspaper, that, view it now l. ast week on web page 10 released a superb article chatting about exactly how this Brummy Enquiry is among the even worse political choices in the history of Birmingham City board and hired city board leader Councillor Sir Albert Bore to act or deal with the danger of being personally held answerable for the folly of specific committee chairs (Councillor Waseem Zaffar.) We have additionally talked with certain participants of The Social Communication And also Area Safety and security Board that broach their solid and categoric resistance to the: "Brummy Enquiry," interior resistance that we currently understand Councillor Zaffar disregarded. What an absolute sham and shame to regional democracy #mybrum

We aim to have over 100 sort by Tuesday 11th September which notes the 1 week wedding anniversary of the establishment of this web page. Please help us accomplish this target to reveal Councillor Waseem Zaffar that Brum says no to his unique, detached, elitist and self interested type of politics he has embraced in the unjust and also unjust implementation of this enquiry #mybrum

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Councillor Waseem Zaffar JP MBE, Chair of the Social Department And also Area Endangerment click to investigate Summary As well as Examination Committee might brag constantly about his committee's achievements in speaking to the cops however it's the average Brummies that ought to have been gotten in touch with in this enquiry. For years, area lobbyists have worked relentlessly to make certain politicians know that it is the people that need to be served as well as not the public bodies that must service their own interests initially and foremost. This reality is not simply absolutely undesirable but violates the very concepts of freedom and the relevance of keeping to a propper required. Beyond those fake smiles is a worried politician that's capacity to offer not simply his constituents yet the entire of Birmingham is categorically, clearly as well as precariously damaged #mybrum

The recent Birmingham Eid Mella was an exact display of social cohesion in the city thanks to Councillor Majid Mahmood as well as his wonderful team of other city councillors and community employees. Was Councillor Waseem Zaffar there to reveal his support to the occasion's socially cohesive schedule? No, actually he was no place to be seen most likely too hectic to speak to average Brummies regarding racism they deal with on their roads, problems they find in getting a job, starvation that holds them ... back from assisting click to find out more out in the regional neighborhood and also various other such concerns. Councillor Waseem Zaffar, even if you don't obtain an initial course ticket to the front of the food delay hint doesn't mean you cannot participate in an occasion in Birmingham that perfectly presented social cohesion at it's finest hour. Councillor Zaffar appears to be constantly or else involved pursuing his socially divisive shallow satisfaction schedule! Please obtain even more likes for us buddies and also allow's show him that our project is much from over #mybrum

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To get other kind of price cut or exception please full the Council Tax obligation exemption or discount rate kind. You must complete the discount rate or exemption termination kind if your circumstances alter.

Please continue obtaining your Facebook calls to like our web page! Thanks for the outstanding feedback so far, the twitter messages and the powerful emails! The even more likes we obtain, the even more stress we could put in on the council as well as the sooner our needs will be addressed! #mybrum

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If you miss a settlement or pay late, we will send you a tip offering you 7 days to pay. If you do not pay, or frequently pay late, you will get a court summons and also will certainly lose your right to pay in instalments. You will certainly need to pay any kind of prices we sustain recovering exactly what you owe; we will, nonetheless, permit you a last opportunity to recommend payment of the financial debt utilizing our Council Tax Arrangement form. Failing to agree repayment terms may result in your account being sent to our enforcement agents, in which situation further prices will certainly be incurred. Additionally, we might ask for reductions straight from your salary or advantage settlements.