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Birmingham City Council Address: Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BB Phone: 0121 303 1111 Web: www.birmingham.gov.uk Email: contact@birmingham.gov.uk Birmingham Council Tax Enquiries

"This is not a project that intends to afend, deffermate any 1 person however a campaign that demands the removal of poor practice as well as those who support it from the leadership of Birmingham City Council's Social Communication As well as Area Safety Introduction And also Scrutiny Board." "Our criticisms are completely constructive testamony to that media agencies are cuing approximately speak to us regular Brummies about our sights." Price estimate from one of the creators of this project #mybrum

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The troubles that occurred in Birmingham and also in several various other communities and also cities across the UK in 2015 were first and also primary blaitant acts of crime however the hidden variables of cronic levels of young people joblessness, youngster destitution, incredibly high levels of ward to ward deprival in our city can not be disregarded. If they are overlooked as they plainly have been by Councillor Waseem Zaffar and his board after that this substantially raises the risk of the troubles taking area aga ... in a possibility Birmingham never intends to deal with. Please get even more of your contacts to like this web page if they, like us, do not wish to see look at this a repeat of the troubles we saw last August. The even more sort we obtain, the more stress we can install on Birmingham City board's Social Communication And Community Safety and security Summary And also Analysis Committee to consider the actual problems we encounter as well as not superfitial pride #mybrum

Do you want a Birmingham in which your elected councillors pay attention to you and utilize your sights in developing enquiries, choosing and scrutinising the activities of neighborhood governmental departments? Do you want elected council board chairs answerable to you for their activities? Show individuals like Councillor Waseem Zaffar that you the people of Brum are a pressure to be considered and you demand much better! Please continue liking this web page, speaking concerning how poor this enquiry is on Twitter by utilizing the hashtag #mybrum and please do not kindly neglect to send out those all crucial e-mails. Please describe the info area of this web page for more details #mybrum #wedeservebetter

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We urgently need people to send out e-mails grumbling concerning the query to waseem.zaffar@birmingham.gov.uk albert.bore@birmingham.gov.uk as well as newsdesk@birminghammail.net. Please note you should include all these email addresses in every e-mail of complaint you send out! Thank you!

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"Are there any citizens or neighborhood engagement organisations providing proof? Councillors, west midlands police and also b birmingham actually do not have the right representation of areas." This is simply 1 example of the kinds of genuine concerns click over here originating from Brummies on Councillor Zaffar's own Facebook web page concerning this sham of an enquiry. Although, Councillor Waseem Zaffar argues that over fourty so called community protestors have been spoken with, we ask, that the heck are they? I. f you have spoken to so called lobbyists in locations like King Standing for example, why hasn't white allienation been determined as 1 of the local issues? That perhaps due to the fact that Councillor Waseem Zaffar does not care regarding our troubles but his own self promotion, superfitial pride as well as an additional couple of thousand on his sallary to pay for his Jag's gas. What an absolute shame! In the view of a regional influential broadcast journalist, when participants of your personal board desire nothing to do with this query it talks loud as well as extremely distressing quantities for Councillor Zaffar and also pleads the question of simply how autonomous his activities were when determining exactly what queries to go after? Maintain on taste this page, emailing, tweating your grievances and also maintaining the pressure on! This web page has 3 times a lot more likes than Councillor Zaffar has had news fans of his sham of an enquiry #mybrum

This enquiry perhaps in it's lasts however we will not allow the council's Social Communication As well as Community Safety and security Introduction As well as Examination Committee escape the massive quantity of cash and officer time that has been shamefully lost in our name as well as in our so called rate of interest. This week's report appointed by the Institute For Social Policy stresses as soon as again what does it cost? kid hardship has actually significantly boosted in our city over the previous 2 years. Does Councillor Waseem Zaffar c. are about the impacts this is having go on social communication in the city? Is his committee investing time and cash into examining exactly what the council can do to safeguard the safety and security of the community from criminality that is most likely to boost because of rising levels of starvation among all people specifically young individuals as well as youngsters? The solution is no!!! We regard this as not just utterly undesirable yet in direct infraction of the board's associated profile as well as we are established to proceed utilizing social media, news papers, radio terminals, TV programs and all other ways to raise understanding of this shambolic behaviour #mybrum

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We would love to comfortably welcome and also thank various Birmingham City Councillors as well as Members Of Parliament for sustaining our project. Political leaders of all political persuasions and also area protestors have joined hands to condemn this query and reveal our enormous anger against this sham of a public appointment #mybrum

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As feed back sessions are fully underway, Councillor Waseem Zaffar could not disregard the rage that is growing in the hearts of normal Brummies. In simply a few days time, we will receive info that will certainly expose simply just how much of our tough made money and also useful council policeman time has been flushed down the toilet of Councillor Zaffar's superfitial pride all in the name of Birmingham and social cohesion. Our thanks to our good friends at the Sunday Mercury newspaper, who, l. ast week on web page 10 published a fantastic write-up discussing exactly how this Brummy Query is among the worse political choices in the background of Birmingham City board more info as well as contacted city council leader Councillor Sir Albert Bore to do something about it or deal with the danger of being directly held liable for the folly of certain committee chairs (Councillor Waseem Zaffar.) We have also spoken with particular members of The Social Communication And Neighborhood Safety and security Committee who broach their solid as well as categoric resistance to the: "Brummy Query," internal resistance that we currently recognize Councillor Zaffar ignored. What an outright sham and also disgrace to local freedom #mybrum

We intend to have over 100 likes by Tuesday 11th September which notes the 1 week anniversary of the facility of this web page. Please aid us accomplish this target to reveal Councillor Waseem Zaffar that Brum states no to his exclusive, separated, elitist and self interested sort of politics he has actually adopted in the unjust as well as unfair execution of this query #mybrum

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Councillor Waseem Zaffar JP MBE, Chair of the Social Division As well as Area Endangerment Introduction As well as Scrutiny Board could boast frequently regarding his board's achievements in speaking to the authorities yet it's the normal Brummies that click this link must have been spoken with in this query. For decades, neighborhood lobbyists have worked relentlessly to guarantee political leaders know that it is individuals that should be offered as well as not the public bodies that need to service their very own passions most importantly. This reality is not just totally inappropriate however breaks the really principles of democracy as well as the importance of maintaining to a propper mandate. Past those fake smiles is a stressed politician that's ability to offer not simply his components but the entire of Birmingham is unconditionally, plainly and precariously impaired #mybrum

The current Birmingham Eid Mella was an accurate display of social communication in the city many thanks to Councillor Majid Mahmood and also his superb team of various other city councillors as well as neighborhood employees. Was Councillor Waseem Zaffar there to show his assistance to the occasion's socially cohesive agenda? No, actually he was nowhere to be seen most likely too hectic to speak to regular Brummies regarding bigotry they deal with on their roads, troubles they locate in obtaining a work, deprivation that holds them ... back from assisting in the local neighborhood and various other such problems. Councillor Waseem Zaffar, even if you do not obtain an extraordinary ticket to the front of the food stall hint doesn't indicate you cannot participate in an event in Birmingham that beautifully showed social cohesion at it's finest hour. Councillor Zaffar appears to be frequently or else engaged pursuing his socially disruptive shallow pride agenda! Please get even more sort for us close friends and let's reveal him that our campaign is much from over #mybrum

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To request any type of various other sort of discount rate or exception please full the Council Tax exception or discount rate type. You ought to complete the discount or exemption cancellation type if your conditions transform.

Please continue getting your Facebook calls to like our web page! Thanks for the fantastic feedback until now, the twitter articles and also the effective emails! The more likes we obtain, the more pressure we can apply on to the council and the sooner our demands will be answered! #mybrum

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If you miss out on a repayment or pay late, we will send you a suggestion providing you 7 days to pay. If you do not pay, or routinely pay late, you will certainly obtain a court summons and also will lose your right to pay in instalments. You will certainly have to pay any kind of expenses we sustain recovering what you owe; we will, nevertheless, permit you a final opportunity to recommend payment of the financial obligation utilizing our Council Tax obligation Setup form. Failing to concur payment terms might cause your account being sent to our enforcement representatives, where situation more costs will certainly be sustained. Alternatively, we could ask for deductions directly from your wage or advantage settlements.